3 Common Reasons for Appetite Loss in Pet Cats

Appetite loss is one of the leading indicators that something is wrong with your cat. You must pay attention to your kitty if it suddenly stops eating. An adult cat that hasn’t eaten in more than a day or young kittens (less than six weeks old) that haven’t eaten in about twelve hours should be a matter of concern to cat lpllive owners.

Providing your furball warm, canned food or dry kibble with some chicken broth or cat food with meal toppers and gravies should set its appetite right; otherwise, your fur baby mostly needs medical help. You don’t have to worry much about unplanned vet bills if you have cat insurance NZ.

If you don’t, you can consider exploring insurance for pets online. With many popular pet insurers readily offering services, you must assess the benefits of various pet plans, then request and compare quotes to find a policy that suits your furball’s health needs and your budget.

While contemplating purchasing a pet policy, read this article to learn a few common reasons for your cat’s appetite loss.

1.UPIs (Upper respiratory infections)

Respiratory infections are not uncommon in kittens. The most common signs of respiratory trouble include nasal congestion, fatigue, fever, and reduced appetite.

A kitten with a stuffy nose finds it hard to smell food and may not be motivated to eat it. In such a case, you should be relying heavily on wet foods strong in flavors and aroma.

If you are already feeding your kitten wet food and still there is a problem, consider switching to a different texture/flavor to check how your feline responds Getcareergoal.

However, you might need to contact your vet if you notice symptoms like repeated sneezing, runny nose, and teary eyes. While some infections can be treated easily through home remedies, others require medications like antibiotics to help your kitten feel better.

2.Toxic ingestion

Whether or not your kitten is curious, sometimes it can get into trouble due to its exploratory instincts. For instance, a kitten can quickly choke on ingesting tinsel, string, ribbons, tiny toys, clips, hair ties, plastic grass, and other   xekdq objects.

Gastrointestinal obstructions can make it challenging to consume food and cause much pain and discomfort to kittens. Head to your vet’s office if you suspect that your adorable kitten has eaten something it shouldn’t have. Vomiting, nausea, and pain in the abdomen are other symptoms you must watch out for in your kitten.


Some cats find sharing the space with a bunch of other fur babies intimidating. Many kittens are resilient and outgoing, but a few shy kittens can feel cornered or threatened by other paw people, generally and especially during mealtimes

In a case like that, provide your kitten a safe place to eat where there are hardly any diversions (people or pets). This way, your kitten can eat peacefully without being anxious about being chased or bothered by other furry family members.

However, if your kitten refuses to eat for more than a day, take the kitty to the vet asap. Early testing and treatment can save your fur baby from much misery it had to deal with otherwise. Cat insurance in NZ helps support a furball with timely medical care with little economic hassles during unanticipated pet health scenarios and emergencies. Don’t have a policy? You should consider searching insurance for pets online and sign up for the most suitable cat plan that fits your budget Huay-online

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