Everlasting Comfort Has a Magnetic Door Screen: Here are 3 Reasons You Should Try It

When it comes to enjoying the best weather of the year, leaving the door open and inviting all the fresh air into your home is hard to beat. The sun is out, but it’s not too hot, and there’s a cool refreshing breeze. Those special mornings, or evenings when it won’t affect the temperature of the house to just have fresh air come in and liven up the place are special times. Most people who enjoy this kind of weather always use some kind of protection, because even if the weather is incredible there can be some pretty good reasons to not just leave a door open.

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It’s common sense that if you just leave the door to your home open you can expect some unpleasant visitors. Open doors can invite in flies, mosquitoes, gnats, or even large visitors like birds or even stray dogs, or cats. They can pose a problem for why you shouldn’t just let the breeze in through a completely open doorway. This is one of the reasons why a screen door is so popular. Screen doors have been around for decades, and are one of the best ways to help you enjoy the incredible weather when it’s perfect outside, without worrying about a pesky home invasion.

However, screendoors are not without their own problems. A lot of times, a screen door can present the problem of just being awkward, heavy, and hard to use. If you have ever been walking out through a screen door with plates of food, or drinks in your hand, you know how unpleasant a screen door can be. Largely made from glass and metal, these doors can tend to be heavy and awkward to use. Not only that, but most use a kind of hydraulic system that can also pose some problems.

But how else are you going to enjoy the fresh air and good weather without one of these doors? Are there other options that work well to protect your house while also providing better functionality than a typical screen door? The answer is absolute.

The Everlasting Comfort magnetic door screen is an intelligently designed, highly efficient way of helping you enjoy all the benefits of a screen door without any of the hassles. If you have been wondering about how to improve your home, and if the magnetic door screen from Everlasting Comfort is worth your time, here are three reasons you should try it!

1. Efficient and Light Weight

One of the best parts of the Everlasting Comfort magnetic door screen is how incredibly lightweight it is. It achieves this because of its total mesh design. Instead of being made from heavy metal screens, this heavy-duty mesh is lightweight and very flexible. Because it’s made from heavy-duty polyester, this screen can hold up to wind, bugs, and anything else nature could throw at it. However, due to its metal-free design, it maintains an insane amount of free lightweight mobility. This makes it easy to use, lightweight, but extremely efficient.

2. No Hands Entry

One of the most frustrating aspects of a traditional screen door is always getting it opened, especially when you are walking outside carrying something. You fumble with the small knob, then navigate the heavy door while balancing the plate of burgers, or the ice cold drinks. With the Everlasting Comfort door screen, this kind of hassle is a thing of the past. Lightweight, durable, and efficient, this design allows you to have a completely hands-free entry.

This is possible because the door screen has two large, protective mesh flaps that utilize 26 magnets to close. These magnets are strong enough to withstand wind and stay secure, however, are easily separated by applying direct pressure. This allows you to just simply walk through the door screen with an incredible amount of ease. Because the mesh itself is so light and flexible, there’s little to no resistance walking in and out of the Everlasting Comfort door screen.

3. Installing The Everlasting Comfort Magnetic Door Screen is a Breeze

Another reason why this magnetic door screen is something you should check out is that installation is a breeze. No complicated instructions, no hard-to-use tools. Everything you need to install it into any doorway up to a 38×82 comes with the door screen, along with access to a video tutorial walking you through each step.


Something as simple as a reliable, door screen can actually make a big difference to your home. It can allow you the freedom to leave the door open and enjoy the perfect weather while protecting your home and family from the unfortunate elements of nature. It’s also child friendly and easy to use by the little ones. With so many great features, this magnetic door screen is well worth your time and investment!

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