How influencer marketing enhances brand reach and awareness?

Using influencer marketing to build your brand online and reach your target audience is one of the best ways to build your business fast. Influencer marketing is gaining speed faster than digital ads today, as companies leverage industry leaders’ followers to boost their own growth. Let’s discuss how it influences your business effectively in detail below Homelockssmith.

Choosing the right influencer:

The fact that influencers are experts in their respective fields explains why their followers trust them and how influencers affect them heavily. They have established a respectful and inspiring relationship with their audiences. In this way, people trust their recommendations and opinions. Several studies have shown that influencer marketing has many benefits, and the numbers indicate the right influencers can be more effective and more cost-effective than celebrity endorsements. Too hard to trust? No worries! Check out an exceptional example I have shared below.

Jenny Jaucian, creator on Intellifluence (Jenny J Fitness) – Epic example of an influencer

With the goal of helping women of all sizes and shapes learn to love themselves, Jenny Jaucian is an online health, fitness, and lifestyle coach.

She is now the owner of Jenny J Fitness, a popular fitness facility offering free diet plans, on-demand workouts, and one-on-one coaching.

Follow Jenny on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms for more information, or download Jenny’s free healthy recipe eBook Enewsworlds. Her social media accounts show how she uses her influence to generate sales for companies who reach out to her for promotion. She has over 800,000 followers on social media.

How influencer marketing helped grow her fitness brand?

  • Efficient word-of-mouth marketing means direct communication of ideas with audiences
  • Globally accessible through social media
  • To engage existing and potential customers – keep the message in front of the right people
  • Having a large fan or following base which drives extensive promotion of your business
  • Maintaining long-term relationships with followers and businesses in order to benefit both

How TikTok helped Jenny Jaucian generate income?

The fitness instructor Jenny Jaucian (or Jenny J) is dedicated to helping people become more fit and healthy through her workouts, meal plans, and fitness classes Businessnows. A number of massive brands like Nike, Bowflex, and others have featured her work.

When it comes to influencer marketing, TikTok tops the list. The platform helped her to build a massive brand for herself with her fitness talent (Jenny has over 850k followers on TikTok). From the podcast episode with Keenya’s she expressed In what ways she utilized TikTok to expand her audience and perhaps even sustain herself financially.

Despite a lack of experience, she quickly gained a loyal following among fitness enthusiasts, which made her a 6-figure online entrepreneur!

An entrepreneur or influencer looking to build an e-commerce brand and monetize their online audience will benefit from this episode where she opens up about

  • Creating a monetizable fan base online.
  • Giving fans something useful to look forward to.
  • Targeting an audience with suitable content.


From this piece of information how fast Influencer Marketing can help you achieve your online goals and how effectively applying it to your business helps increase their success businessworld247.

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