What Is Back Testing? An Informational Guide From KuCoin

KuCoin exchange provides heaps of trading choices to its users. One of the foremost advanced kinds of trading they provide is future trading. They introduced future trading in 2019. With the assistance of USDT and BTC contracts, you’ll be able to trade your portfolio with 100x Leverage. It means that if you’ve got one hundred USD in your case, you’ll still be able to trade ten thousand USD. It’s more likely the crypto loans you must have heard of. If not, read this ultimate guide to crypto loans. KuCoin can offer fatless and professional choices for the simplest expertise within the future trading section. Similarly, several coins include the Algo price mentioned on KuCoin. In this article, we explain backtesting as an informational guide from KuCoin.

Back Testing in Trading

A backtest creates a model that’s supported historical information. As a software package trading tool, backtesting permits traders to simulate a trading strategy’s performance mistreatment information from a previous timeframe. A check may be run before the portfolio strategy goes live and the fund’s area unit is committed.

Pros & Cons Of Backtesting


  • Backtesting lets traders estimate a strategy’s performance. If it worked in the past in similar market conditions, it’s an honest probability of operating again.
  • Once accessible solely to investment banks and cash managers, the free backtesting software package is wide accessible nowadays.
  • When traders backtest, they get to research information via charts, historical market movements, patterns, and technical indicators to induce a position in crypto markets.
  • Having a backtest feature at your trading terminal means you’ll be able to check and refine your ways.


  • Financial backtesting is proscribed by the potential for curve fitting, or overfitting, which means models that employment within the past might not essentially add the longer term.
  • Success depends on market conditions, i.e., liquidity. If the longer-term markets expertise sudden macro events or liquidity is reduced, the backtested strategy might not inhibition during a future timeframe.
  • Overall, backtesting provides information for traders to use once adjusting their portfolio to maximize returns and minimize risk.

Understand Backtesting Strategy

Backtests may be run in numerous market environments to gain confidence over how systematically a trading strategy can perform. This means running backtests with completely different stocks or alternative market assets. It may additionally mean playacting tests in periods were their area unit clear trends and scrutinizing them in periods where there weren’t.

Improving The Strategy

This involves changing a technique through the results of the backtest. A common pitfall here is to tweak the strategy, so it shows higher ends up in a backtest. This approach ends up in profitableness once you trade it with real cash and is understood as overfitting.




kuCoin is a world robust and beginner-friendly platform. An enormous variety of knowledgeable traders use this website for their daily activities. A bunch of huge investors additionally use KuCoin to carry their assets for the long run. KuCoin continuously tries to feature a lot of coins on its platform for the simplest trading expertise and to supply the simplest service. Therefore, they added one of the strongest localized coins, ETH. However, with other data, you can also find BNB prices on the KuCoin site.

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