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Why and How is Our Schooling System One-Sided and Unjustifiable?

The public’s interest in education has shifted in recent decades. The resulting skepticism of schools has fueled a series of critical reports. The year 1983 saw 15 such reports, including “A Nation at Risk” and “Education in America”. Public opinion is divided on the merits of schooling and the role of parents in educating children.

Charter schools are notorious for their opulence. In fact, the schools’ success depends on the close ties between wealthy parents and administrators. Many of these schools compete against each other to attract rich parents. The result: a disproportionate amount of children attending private schools. While this strategy is a good way to raise funds for a school, it’s not the most effective way to educate children odisha discom.

In addition to its arbitrary nature, the schooling system teaches students to perform on a rigid schedule and don’t follow their own pace. As a result, students are forced to focus on grades instead of their personal fulfillment. This rigid schedule can also lead to a shortfall in quality. In the long run, these ill-fitting, time-consuming schedules only serve to create more anxiety and stress for students.

Recent students’ complaints of racism in schools include insulting assumptions about Black families, expectations that Black kids would excel in sports, and a host of other incidents. Moreover, teachers have been repeatedly accused of misplacing the names of Black students, touching Black girls’ hair, and using the N-word. It’s difficult to avoid these incidents in a school.



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